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Ruger American Rimfire Trigger Mod

The Ruger American Rimfire has become a favorite around the PTEQ range. It's no Anschutz, and it's not a Lego-like platform to build off like a 10/22, but it is a heck of a nice rimfire rifle for the money. The stock, action, and threaded barrel are all much nicer than you'd expect at this price point. The trigger is clean, but very heavy - and fortunately, easy to modify. By removing a spring completely, the trigger is a nice clean 1-2lb, with no creep, and still completely safe. 

This mod didn't originate here, but I was unable to find a good video describing it, so we made this instructional video this morning, as we modded the second Ruger American Rimfire to be added to our fleet of test rifles.